Most Popular and Yummy Foods in Turkey

Most Popular and Yummy Foods in Turkey

The country which is belonged to two continents at once is Turkey. According to its geographical location, Turkey’s territory is situated in two continents, Asia, and Europe. This fact makes Turkey has plenty of unique cuisines that you must try when you are visiting Turkey. Kinds of Turkey cuisine are derived from many countries. So, Turkey cuisine has a special taste that you may like it; it may tend to be like an Asians and European as well. Here are some most popular and yummy foods from Turkey that are recommended to be tested before leaving Turkey

  1. Kofte

This is one of the most famous dishes available in Turkey. It is known as a Turkey Meatball. As same as the other meatball, it is made of beef, lamb, or sometimes chicken. The meats then mixed with several spices, vegetables, flour, egg, and any other ingredients. It is shaped circular or oval and being baked, fried, or steamed. In the restaurant, Kofte is usually served with salad, sauce, and rice, and it is placed on a plate.

  1. Kebab

Kebab is one of the street or traditional dishes in Turkey. You may find it throughout some streets in Turkey. It is also able called as Turkey sandwich or burger. That is because Kebab is made of a slice of meat which is wrapped in a pastry, with some additional filling, such as tomatoes, onions, and some certain vegetables. Kebab is suitable to accompany you when exploring Turkey streets.

  1. Kokorec

Another delicious food from Turkey is Kokore. Kokore is a Turkey cuisine which is made of the roasted offal of lamb or sheep (hearts, sweetbreads, lungs, or kidneys) wrapped by its intestines. It is usually served on a slice of baguette or sandwich with red pepper and oregano.

  1. Turkish Delight or Lokum

Besides those dishes of meats, Turkey also has a special snack called Lokum or Turkish delight. This kind of foods is nearly same as a candy. It is made of sugar and a gel of starch. In additional, Lokum is usually mixed with the other ingredients such as hazelnuts, chopped dates, pistachios, and so on. If you visit a Turkish delight store you will find various colorful Lokum inside it.

Leaning Tower of Pisa: An Iconic Heritage Site of Italy

Leaning Tower of Pisa: An Iconic Heritage Site of Italy

Italy is popular with its beautiful world heritage site, such as Colosseum and so Pisa Tower. Both are  really iconic sites in Italy and even included as Seven Wonders of the World for prolong period. They are also considered as one of world heritage sites by UNESCO. Therefore, both sites are becoming the one of must visited spot when you are traveling to Italy.

Italy Heritage Site:Tower Of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa as one of iconic heritage site in Italia has its own uniqueness. In Italia, it is called Torre pendente di Pisa. It is known by its unsymmetrical angle. It was a campanile of the cathedral, and the building of this campanile is begun in 1173 and finished in 1372. At that time, it was built vertically upright. But by the time is changing it tends to be leaned over south-eastward. It is because the base of the campanile wasn’t built properly, its foundation was too soft. Its angle of slant is about 3.97 degrees or 3.9 meters. Pisa tower’s height is 55.86 meter or 183.27 feet for the lower side and 56.67 or 185.93 feet for the other side, and it consists of 294 steps.

The early function of this building was the bell tower of Cathedral. There are at least seven kinds of bells inside this tower which represent each note in a musical scale. They used to be operated on some special occasions, such as Easter day. But today, Pisa tower not only becomes a religious building but also a nice spot to spend the holiday. The leaning of Pisa Tower, however, becomes its own attractive uniqueness which makes the people wondering and interesting to visit this site. Moreover, in these nowadays, you will be able to own a good spot to take a picture of you and maybe your families, friends, and relatives within Leaning Tower of Pisa area. Have a nice holiday.