Amarzauto, a really sporty GT-R

Amarzauto, a really sporty GT-RIt is assumed that people know GT-R because this car is legendary as it is shown in various events such as game, movie, video clip, and – obviously – car showroom. Currently, GT-R has undergone so many changes especially in terms of appearance. Amarzauto also agrees with this statement by adding that the features and performance are also improved significantly from the last year it was produced. Even though this car really looks so cool and sporty, it is obviously not a sports car. The reason why it is not classified that way is because of it is an actually super car that is blessed with amazing performance.

Amarzauto GT-R performance

What is amazing from the GT-R is obviously its horsepower. This supercar is equipped with an engine that can generate 565 horsepower. This one is actually not the tuned-up version because the other engine variation actually can reach 600hp. It is all possible because of 3.8 twin turbo V6 engine with sophisticated which is also combined with AWD system. Combined all, this car provides stability and speed needed as supercar on the road. Amarzauto is also surprised with the first-drive impression even though it was not the newest model. The reason, of course, lies in the way it speeds up on the road while maintaining superb stability just like a racecar. The top speed for this car is around 191 mph, and it is obviously very quick.

Such performance actually does not come solely from the engine. Rather it is also because of the design of the body. The GT-R is designed as if it will speed up for more than 200mph. that is to say, the body has been designed to restrain the force and friction when the car runs on the road. Amarzauto obviously gives positive impression towards this car because of its greatness, and it is worth to remember that it costs so much money.

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