Beautiful Live Wallpapers for Phone

wallpaper for mobileIf you feel that your wallpaper is not cool and attractive at all, you must consider to download another wallpapers for phone that will change the look of your screen. The choice of wallpaper is both live and non-live wallpaper. Some people may prefer to non-live wallpaper, but the others may prefer to live wallpaper. They have reason that live wallpaper will give more alive effect to the home screen, and they feel like the image is real so they can directly smell and touch them. If you do not have such live wallpaper, you still have a chance to get the best access to download them since this writing will lead you to that.

List of Live Wallpapers for Phone

Here are some attractive live wallpapers that can be set to enhance your home screen. First is Chroma live wallpaper which is inspired by the game with the same name. This live wallpaper allows you to freely change colors, shapes, and the transitions to move up and down. The next one is Dragon Strike which gives the intense effect on your screen. The movement of dragon, the real view of the castle, and the thrilling sound effects are things that you can get all here. The other wallpapers for phone is Forest HD which invites you to take a scroll around the dense beautiful forest. Besides, you can change the appearance of its wildlife as you want.

Again, there are a lot of live wallpapers that can make your screen more unique than others. The way you choose which live wallpaper is absolutely up to you since every person has different consideration to decide which one. Live wallpaper is much fun than non-live since you not only watch the image but also interact with that image. Interact here means that you can play with that movable image on your screen. It is quite amusing if you have nothing to do with your phone. For more live wallpaper, you have to visit wallpapers for phone as the best site to have a look.

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