Best Gaming Laptop Under 2000 for Heavy Games

best gaming laptop under 2000Gaming laptop has been booming for recent years. Definitely, it occurs because there are many kinds of wonderful game that make you addicted. By the way, if you want to play a heavy game in laptop, then it should be supported by great specifications in your laptop. If you are using a common laptop; not for gaming, then you will find some problems such as lag, bad graphic, overheat, and many more. That is why you have to choose the best gaming laptop. However, here is the best gaming laptop under 2000 for you who love playing heavy games.

Best Gaming Laptop Under 2000 with Good Specs

The first gaming laptop which is recommended for you is ASUS ROG. As you already know that Asus has been a great laptop manufacturer in recent years. ASUS also has introduced many high-end gaming laptops and one of them is ASUS ROG series. The best series of ROG is ASUS ROG GL552VW DH74. By using Intel i7 as the processor, you will find no lag while playing even heavy games. Besides, the price is under 2000 so that it is really affordable for gamers who are looking for a gaming laptop with great specs.

Another specification that you have to know is the graphic card. This laptop uses NVIDIA GTX 960 to support its performance. 4GB RAM also supports the game becomes smooth and anti-lag when you are playing it. The thing that makes this gaming laptop is amazing because it has 1TB HD. By having a huge storage data, you can install many games on your laptop. Furthermore, the design is really elegant with slim body and 15,6 screen inches. Considering all of those specifications, you can conclude that ASUS ROG is one of the best gaming laptop under 2000, or you can call it a paradise for gamers.

The second gaming laptop which is good for you is LENOVO. As the competitor of ASUS, Lenovo also offers something new for its gaming laptop. The latest model of Lenovo that you have to choose is Lenovo Y700. This laptop uses Intel i7 6700 HQ for the processor and it is supported by 16 GB RAM. The combination between high-end processor and wonderful RAM make the heavy games feel so smooth. If you think that it is not enough, then Lenovo offers 1 TB HD for the storage data. It seems like you find a huge space to keep many games only in one place.

For the display, it has 15,6 inches and it is the same as the ASUS ROG above. NVIDIA 960 is also chosen to be a graphic card for this gaming laptop. The incredible thing that makes it different than ASUS ROG is Lenovo Y700 has a sophisticated cooling down technology. This system will make the laptop keeps cool all the time. Furthermore, this laptop is very thin which has a great design for gamers and it is lighter than ASUS ROG. So, which one would you choose between those types of best gaming laptop under 2000 for heavy games? The choice is yours!

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