Best Spot of Diving Komodo

Diving KomodoIndonesia has many tourist destinations, and one of them is on Komodo Island. Besides komodos, the giant lizards which only live there – no other place is the autochthonous habitat of them, one thing that will attract many tourists is Diving Komodo. Yes, there are many great dive spots surrounding the archipelagos of Komodo Island. If you want to dive such a great dive spot, this place becomes one of the perfect one in the world. Then, here are some best spot for diving in this island. What are they? You need to read the explanation as follow.

Spot of Diving Komodo

In this case, you may find various dive spots of Diving Komodo. To begin with, there is Sabolon Island. This first dive spots you can choose will provide a great view since the clear water there. The coral, reef, fish and also another sea animal are the things you can get. Besides Sabolon Island, there will a dive spot which is close to Labuan Bajo called Sebayor Kecil since the spot is surrounding the same name of the spot. Here, you can experience in seeing a hard coral wall that you are hard to find in another place.

Moreover, do you want to be the witness or witnesses to see another coral wall? If you do, now you have Mini Wall dive spot. In this place, you can find about 35 meters wall the reef. You just follow the wall if you have a desire to see the life of some fishes and another sea animal there. It is a good place for diving because of the calm condition of the sea. Then, for the other dive spot that you can choose in Diving Komodo is Tatawa Besar. Besides the fishes, somehow you will see turtles as well in this dive spot.

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