Clash of Clans Defending Strategy

clash of clans hackClash of Clans is a game for attacking. However, it is worth to note that defending is also essential in this game because, without good defense, your village will be three-starred quickly. In order to defend against strong attack, the main requirement is obviously adding defense. However, it is worth to note that adding defense will increase the war weight which may put your village on the top of the war order. Even so, the defense built will surely be helpful against the attacks, and it is always good to add defensive building.

Picking Best Defensive Building in Clash of Clans

There are so many defensive buildings that should be added and upgraded. However, you only have limited builder to upgrade those defenses. The solution is simply by picking one among the other defenses that will be more beneficial for your defense. One recommendation is simply to upgrade or add defense that is on the rightest side of defense shop. Therefore, if you are town hall 9, you need to install and upgrade x-bow before anything else. This will prevent enemies to three star your base. Clash of Clans game surely offers a great way to defend your possessions by giving many defenses. However, it is not enough.

In addition, to add and upgrade defense, it is necessary to arrange them accordingly. We all know that there will be traps as your defensive units, and it is a must to combine both defensive structures and traps to achieve perfect harmony to hinder your enemies from demolishing your base completely. One best way to do that is by putting double giant bomb that will decrease troop’s health point significantly. Additionally, it is also recommended to create some sort of pattern that will lead enemy troops to their destruction. In order to make the defensive buildings, tips from Clash of Clans is worth to be understood. Get more useful information here

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