Download Printer Driver is Easy

download printer driverIn this era, many printers are completed by a printer driver. This printer driver is functioned for helping you to convert the data to your printer. The printer driver is also known as a software that allows the applications to do the printing. But if you want to do printing with the printer driver, you have to download printer driver first.

How to Download Printer Driver

Knowing the Windows you use is the first step that you have to go through. And then go to the printer manufacturer’s website and search the printer driver that compatible with your Windows version. By following the steps on the website you can download printer driver that you want. If you already have the driver, you can do the installation steps.

It is quite easy to install the download printer driver. Just open the folder and click it double to run the driver. When the Install Wizard came, follow the instruction. By following the instruction, the installation steps are done and then your printer is ready to use. But you have to know that different Windows maybe different ways to install. But don’t worry because whenever you download the printer driver, the manufacturer’s website always preparing the installation steps. And for the uninstallation steps, you can just click the Start button. After that, click the Control Panel button, then Devices and Printers. Select Uninstall a Program and then the printer driver that you want to uninstall. Click yes and followed by click finish once. The uninstall steps are done. There are things that you also have to know. First, when your printer driver is installed successfully, remove it and then install the new driver. Second, click the Yes button if Windows UAC (User Account Control) dialog box is displayed. There is no problem with the rules above, isn’t it?

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