How to Find Best Spinning Bikes

spin bike reviewsPeople actually want to exercise at home, and that is why there is a product called spinning bikes. This replication of bike will not move anywhere, but it can simulate a real bike. Therefore, anyone using the bike can use the spinning bike as exercising tool for with the same result as using real bike. In order to achieve the same result, however, the person is required to use the best spinning bikes that s/he can afford. Some bikes do not have good features that, and it is important to be informed. The first thing that you need to consider when finding a good spinning bike is the flywheel weight (not the overall weight of the bike).

Hunting Best Spinning Bikes

The best spinning bikes always have good measurement of flywheel weight. The weight not only makes the bike heavy, but it also makes the bike more stable. That is to say, you will not experience sluggish and flimsy feeling when riding on it. Expect a flywheel weighed at over 20 – 45 lbs. for good and excellent measurement respectively. Another suggestion to follow this up is to pick recommended and trusted brand because some brands are faking the numbers just to get the customers. Therefore, you still need to be careful when purchasing it. It is best if you can ask professional to go with you when purchasing one.

The next consideration before purchasing spinning bikes is whether it uses chain or belt to rotate the flywheel. The best spinning bikes use belt as it does not require excessive maintenance. Moreover, it is also quiet, and that means you can even exercise at night when your family members are watching movies or sleeping. Last but not the least, spinning bikes is supposed to be equipped with flexible parts that can be replaced with generic item. That can reduce maintenance cost.

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