Five Types of Nurses

types of nursesNurse is an amazing career that has important role in healthcare area. Types of nurses are also various. Not only doctor that has more than one specialist; but nurse also has more than one specialist. If you like nursing and want to know further about nursing; you could read this article until the end. In here, you will know about five nurses’ types. The information will help you add your knowledge about nursing. Thus, see the explanation of five nurses’ types below.

Five Types of Nurses You Should Know

In fact, nurses have so many types. Here will only mention five because the information will be more specific. You could check the rest nurses’ types in the next paragraphs. First type of nurse is Neonatal Nurse. Neonatal nurse is needed to care newborn infants immediately. The nurse will check the breath and other health checks. Next nurse is Neuroscience Nurse. This nurse relates to nervous system; such as epilepsy, Alzheimer, Parkinson and so on. Other types of nurses are Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Health, and Oncology Nurse. Nurse Practitioner is individuals who got master’s degree in nursing. They qualified in medication and make some diagnose without doctor’s assistance.

Next type of nurse is Occupational Health. This kind of nurse has duty to take care the employee and doctors in hospital when they got diseases from their patients. Then, next nurse is Oncology Nurse. This nurse has important role in taking care patients who has cancer. The nurse will give treatments such as chemotherapy and also radiotherapy. Those are all the five nurses’ types you should know. Every nurse has their important duty wherever they placed. Hope the information about types of nurses above could help you finding out about nursing. If you want to know further about the types, you could search in the next article.

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