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Health careAt some point in life, there is always an opportunity that a person gets sick. Specific sickness may not require any great effort to recover. That is to say, home medicine, generic medicine, or non-prescribed medications can just work to cure the disease. The problem occurs when things get worse and those medications do not work. In this case, it requires health care professionals to do their job in curing the sick person. There is actually order or stages for a patient to classify the most appropriate treatment considering the service and cost. In the medical field, it is classified as several tiers ranging from 1 to 3.

The first tier of health care professional is easily accessible in the neighborhood. It is usually located in a clinic which is not quite far from residential. It is good to come into this facility when the disease comes and it is incurable using generic medication. Even though we all know that doctors from clinic also can prescribe generic medication, it is somehow more accurate in curing the disease compared to non-prescribed medication. Additionally, it is also a lot safer because their job is at stake if the doctors actually give wrong medication. The next tier of health care professional is performed by specialists. They do not involve directly with patients, but they obviously give more accurate treatment for patients.

The tertiary medication is known medical facility such as a hospital. In this stage, the person will be diagnosed with the particular disease and it is usually assisted by second tier health care professional for approaching the disease while determining the cure. Most of the time tertiary medication is dedicated for serious diseases such as cancer, surgery, and other complex diseases. With all of those health care professionals offering the service, it is possible to have good health even though the person has been attacked by particular disease.

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