Health Related Fitness by Improving Flexibility

health related fitnessBeing healthy and fit can be done in several ways. Muscle endurance, strength, lung and heart improvement, and body compositions are among necessary elements of health related fitness for achieving body fitness. However, there is another consideration that should be neglected, and it is a flexibility. It is necessary because muscle actually can be controlled accordingly to receive heavy or sudden force. If the muscle is not flexible enough, it will break apart because it cannot hold the force. Therefore, having good flexibility is really advantageous and it is also a requirement for achieving fitness.

Stretching for Health Related Fitness

One way to achieve flexibility is simply by stretching your muscles. Stretched muscle has lesser chance to be damaged or even destroyed which is typically indicated by soreness. Therefore, it is no wonder why coaches always urge any trainee to have stretching before doing the real exercise. For some people, stretching can be focused on several points. However, it is also possible to have complete stretching session – with lesser reps obviously – to have good health related fitness. Either way, you need to decide which one the best suited for current exercise.

Some possible stretching strategies will be focused on chest, stomach, shoulder, backs, arms, and calves. The chest, for example, requires you to lay on a surface as high as coffee table. Then use dumbbells’ weight in your both hand to keep your chest stretched. For stomach, you can try sitting straight while bringing your both legs towards your belly with the knees on the outer side. Holding this position for several second and continue with other stretching strategy. For shoulder, you will use heavy item once again to stretch your arms without you making great effort. However, you need to feel something stretching your muscles in order to work. That is how to gain health related fitness through flexibility.

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