How to Play Clash of Royal?

clash royale hackSupercell just launched a new game and the name is clash of royal. This game is really amazing because you can fight against another player directly. As a game created by Supercell, gems are needed to upgrade some troops. Besides, gems also can be used to open some chests such as giant chest, magical chest, and super magical chest. Talking about the troops, Clash Royale has similar troops just like Clash of Clans like barbarians, archer, goblin, and giant. However, if you want to know how to play Clash Royale, here are the things that you have to do.

Fight for Crown in Clash of Royal

Before going to the arena, then you have to prepare your cards. You can get the cards by opening the chest like we have mentioned above. Just try to make a good combo for your cards so that you will be invincible. After you arrange your deck cards, then let’s play the battle. There are three minutes in playing clash of royal and you have to ruin enemy’s building. Drag the cards to the arena so that the troops will come out and start to fight. Ensure that you use a good strategy to win.

You can start to ruin the building from the right or the left one. If you can beat the king’s building, you will get three crowns. This crown can be used to open crown chest because you have to collect ten crowns. Playing Clash Royale can be addicted because it is so much fun. Furthermore, opening super magical chest has a big potential to earn a legendary card. If you win the battle, you also earn some money. If Clash of Clans only needs strategy, you need more than that in clash of royal. So, arrange your best deck to win the game.

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