Prevent Dry Lips with Natural Health Tips

Health tipsDry lips can be so annoying for women because it disturb their look. There are some factors that make dry lips. Bad weather or the sudden climate change is often the first factor that makes it happen. The other cause are, drink water less than it used to be, dangerous content in the lipstick, unregularly eating the fruits and vegetables, etc. Lips are very important for women and for everybody. We do not want our appearance bad just because the dry lips. If you do not want this happen to you, here are some health tips to help you in preventing dry lips.

Dry Lips Health Tips

Have you ever hear of the olive oil to prevent dry lips? Yes, olive oil is indeed really effective to heal dry lips. It is an essential oil that known as oil for beauty treatment. You can just sweep the olive oil in your lips and do some treatment in the area around it. Or, the simpler mask for lips is by using the honey and lemon. The combination of both can moisten your dry lips. Lemon contains essence that will make your lips appearances fresh and moisten. Next health tips, is by using the carrot. Use the carrot as a mask for your lips. Sweep it in the lips then hold for several minute.

Health tips number four is to use the coconut oil. Coconut oil is known as the moisturizer for the dry lips. Use it as mask in the dry lips and hold for several minute. You can do this at home so you can do this several time if your lips is really dry. The last is to drink water. Drink water of course is the most effective way for this. You can follow the order of eight glasses a day to prevent dry lips and heal it.

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