The Review of GTA 5

gta 5 hackAll gamers must be interested in Grand Theft Auto or GTA.  After Rockstar gives the new generation from PlayStation 4 and Xbox one for this game. Rockstar is not only offering extra content but also offering interesting and awesome plot and unique feature. This version of the game can be refused by many gamers in the world. GTA 5 gives more sophisticated Los Santos like NPC, Animals, and plants as the supporting element in this game. The support of FPS view gives the impression of different experiences for many gamers.

GTA 5 Quality

The revolution for PlayStation 4 is the last version for Rockstar because this game has appeared in the PC. However, the PC version is the best version according to the Rockstar. The revolution is higher than the previous version. The exclusive feature is also the main reason why gamers should have this game version. Why is this version games a perfect version?

It is proven that this version can run with better visual quality than PlayStation 3 version. Many features in the PC had been planned for 7 years. This game is affordable enough for many gamers. Rockstar gives the feature of directX10 support. It makes the gamer can enjoy the new game. Basically, GTA 5 runs with 1080 p and the visual is better compare with GTA in PlayStation version. The character detail is amazing and sharper. Also, the effect of depth of field and motion blur can be modified. To make sure the picture sharpness, the gamer can activate 2 kinds of anti-aliasing at once. Those are FXAA and MSAA. If you use NVIDIA as the main graphic card, you can use NVIDIA TXAA to be the main priority and change the MSSA function while activating.   With the best visual quality and option, the developer is very amazing. Rockstar deserves to get a reward. Rockstar proved that it is the best developer in the game industry ever. To see more visit at

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