Secondary Health Care Type

Health careUnderstanding the concept of service to the health sector, there would be irrespective of the type and form of secondary health care / SHC. SHC services are services that are more specialized and sometimes even a subspecialty care, but still limited. Secondary and tertiary health care is the hospital, where people require further treatment (referral). These secondary services performed by specialists and subspecialists doctor also limited. This health service comes like the nature roads or ambulatory care services. These secondary services needed by the community or individual that cannot be handled again by primary care.

General Health Care

In secondary health care kinds of services can be divided into two. These services are medical services that are characterized by organizing its own or independent and can also be together in an organization. The main goal of medical care is to cure the disease and restore health to the individual or family. The second is the type of public health services, which is included in the public health characterized by means of organizing. There is also the main purpose of this service is to be able to maintain and improve their health and prevent serious disease that can affect an individual, as well as the target community groups. There is also the principal terms of the health service is provided as well as sustainable, accessible, acceptable and reasonable, easy to reach, and quality.

The hospital has the task to provide personal health services in the plenary. Health care service covering the plenary is anticipative, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative services. To perform these tasks, the Hospital has a function as providers of services in the field of health and health recovery in accordance with the standards of the hospital. Providing education and training of human resources in order to increase capacity is in the provision of health services.

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