Girly DVD Storage Ideas

dvd storage ideasGuess you are a girl who love collecting DVD; or maybe you are just a parent who wants to make your daughter happy. There are a lot of girly DVD storage ideas if you want to find it well. In this digital era, you can access the internet anytime and anywhere. Then, you found this article. If you are a DVD collector, you are right to get the storage for them. It is because DVD are fragile and easy to broke and loss if it is scattered. So, for more ideas, let see the explanation below.

Several Girly DVD Storage Ideas

Girly things will always be related to pink or other feminine colors. It can have related to dolls or even Barbie. Then, if you are really want to put those themes. Then, it is easy. You just need to create a shelf with pink color. After that, you can give the Barbie ornament on it. If you want something unique; you can make a giant doll that becomes a DVD storage inside. However, it will be difficult to make and find. Other girly DVD storage ideas are you can just store them in a pink or red box with doll ornament. The easiest storage to find is a binder.

The binder is the best way to store your DVD if you are not having too many DVDs. Then, if you have a lot of DVDs, you should use the shelves instead. You can hang it on the wall where you usually play the DVD, near the DVD player. You can use white color as well to make it look girly but elegant if you so not really like pink. Then, you can mix pink and black or another color as well to make it not too pink. DVD storage ideas with the girly theme are done.