Unique Indonesian Spices & Herbs for Health Care

Health careA lot of people love savory and delicious food. One of the best secret ingredients is spices and herbs! We know that Indonesia is a country that had a lot of spices and herbs, they are known as a country that had limitless spices and herbs and because of that they do selling spices around the world. There is a lot of spices and herbs that we just can found it in Indonesia, that Indonesian spices and herbs had a lot of benefits. They can be a health care too! So let’s find out about Indonesian spices and herbs!

The example of Indonesian spices and herbs is Kencur was As known as Aromatic ginger, Lengkuas as known as Galangal, Daun Salam was as known as Salam Leaves, Cengkih as known as Cloves. Now let’s try to find out about them!

Kencur (Aromatic Ginger) is a Spices that give a unique and spicy flavor to the food. Indonesian use Kencur as a Cough medicine. Kencur is known as one of Indonesian drink called ‘Beras Kencur’. It’s a mixed Aromatic ginger with a rice and a little bit brown sugar, it can make your body warm and healthy.

Lengkuas (Galangal) is one of the Indonesian spices that give a unique taste that maybe you can’t found it anywhere. They are really good for skin especially on an affected skin (ringworm affected area), you just need to put Galangal around the affected area for a day or two days. And the ringworm will be gone!

Daun Salam (Salam Leaves) is a leaf that gives a certain smell to the Indonesian dish, a lot of Indonesian dishes using Salam Leaves in their ingredients. Salam Leaves can reduce the cholesterol if you drink the Salam leaves boiled water.

Cengkih (Cloves) is one of the really smelly spices, it smells so strong and spicy. They usually used in Indonesian desserts such as Kolak, Kolang-kaling and the others. They have a different benefit too, it can prevent inflammation and cure a headache.

There is a lot more Indonesian spices and herbs that can be a health care that you need. So, plant it in your house and see the benefit of Indonesian spices and herbs!

Refresh Your Mind, Get Better Health

Health careHealth is about how the body works well. If your body doesn’t work well as what you are expecting, then it is the factor of you not getting enough health. It is simple to maintain your health, but people usually think it in a complicated way. If you know about the mind-body connection, you will know about how your mind can affect your body. This means that if you have a burdened mind, then there is a high chance of you getting sick. Therefore, you need to maintain your mind health to make sure that you will also get the effect to your body health. So, here are some things you can do to make sure that you can make this mind-body connection as the way to maintain your health.

The first thing you can do is going vacation. Going vacation is something that can refresh your mind after doing hard things in your work almost every day. With going vacation, you will get a chance to see other things that you like and forget about things that burden you like your work and some other stuff. Then the next thing is getting to yoga or meditation class. Meditation can be something that can also clear your mind from something making you feel uncomfortable in your life. This can also affect the way you see things as this meditation can make people think positively about the things they face and make everything looks fine for them. The last thing is doing exercise. Doing exercise is not a thing that most people love to do. But, if you try this with your family or your friend, you will find something interesting and you will love doing this together again with them, so this can create the positive mood to you. All those things can affect your mood to make you feel better in mind, so your body will feel better if you think better.

Cucumber Natural Masker

Health careWho doesn’t know the nutritious cucumber? Cucumber is rich in nutrition that needs by our body. It contains vitamins that are very good for our skin. Cumber is excellent to be used for masker. The cucumber can prevent our skin from dehydration. Also, it can brighten our skin. To make the masker we need the best combination to mix with the cucumber. What are they?

  1. Cucumber and Honey

The combination of cucumber and honey is awesome. The honey is good for smoothing our skin. This potion masker is recommended for dry skin. Also, the cucumber itself is very good for oily face, because it can reduce the oil from our facial skin. Mix the cucumber and honey until become pasta. Then, apply it to your skin for 15 minutes and wash with cool water. To have the best result do it 3 times a week.

  1. Cucumber and Tomato

This potion is suitable for oily and acne skin. The cucumber can keep the freshness on our skin. Also, the tomato can eliminate acne. Blend cucumber and tomato in the blender. Then, apply on the skin for 30 minutes and wash with warm water.

  1. Peppermint and cucumber

Stress can cause dull face. To make your skin fresh again, you must relax it with this masker. Mix the peppermint and cucumber and add a little honey. Apply to the skin directly until it is dry and rinse with cool water. Therefore, you will get fresh and relax skin.

  1. Cucumber and Oat

Oat is very good to brighten your skin and it makes your skin shiny. Many beauty products use these because of the excellent effect. Mix the oat with cucumber juice and stir well. Apply the mixture for 15 minutes and wash it with warm water. To get the best result you must use this masker twice a week. Therefore, you will get the bright and shiny skin.

Emotional Control to Control Your Health

Health careEmotion sometimes becomes the things that people can’t handle. Whenever in this life, emotion dominates people in doing something and taking decisions. For example, when you are mad, you do things without any kind of long term effects of it, and it will be bad if you did bad things just to make a revenge to something. So, here you learn something that emotion can’t be released to human behavior. Although it can’t be erased, you still can manage it to make yourself feel better and at last, you will be healthier because you have no burden in your life about emotion. So, do you think emotion is something that you need to manage to make you healthier? You will find it here.

The first thing you need to know about emotion is that it can make you feel tired quickly. When you are in the happy time, you will enjoy it too much and it will affect to your energy wasting as you try to show your excitement in things and you let yourself dominated by emotion. In the end, you will find yourself tired and this thing is not good for your health because it will lower your antibody. So, you need to control your emotion whether it is a good mood or bad mood. You need to stay in balance, not too happy when you are in a really fun condition, and not too sad whenever bad news comes.

To control it, you just have to understand that you need it, so whenever you are in the domination of your emotion, you know what to do. If you can’t, you can join to yoga class or meditation class just to clear your mind from something bad and make you feel better about yourself. The best thing is that if you can control your emotion, your hormones will be in balance and it will be good to maintain your health as it is in the stable condition. This is why you should learn of how to control yourself from emotional dominance to make you healthier.

Health Care Professional

Health careAt some point in life, there is always an opportunity that a person gets sick. Specific sickness may not require any great effort to recover. That is to say, home medicine, generic medicine, or non-prescribed medications can just work to cure the disease. The problem occurs when things get worse and those medications do not work. In this case, it requires health care professionals to do their job in curing the sick person. There is actually order or stages for a patient to classify the most appropriate treatment considering the service and cost. In the medical field, it is classified as several tiers ranging from 1 to 3.

The first tier of health care professional is easily accessible in the neighborhood. It is usually located in a clinic which is not quite far from residential. It is good to come into this facility when the disease comes and it is incurable using generic medication. Even though we all know that doctors from clinic also can prescribe generic medication, it is somehow more accurate in curing the disease compared to non-prescribed medication. Additionally, it is also a lot safer because their job is at stake if the doctors actually give wrong medication. The next tier of health care professional is performed by specialists. They do not involve directly with patients, but they obviously give more accurate treatment for patients.

The tertiary medication is known medical facility such as a hospital. In this stage, the person will be diagnosed with the particular disease and it is usually assisted by second tier health care professional for approaching the disease while determining the cure. Most of the time tertiary medication is dedicated for serious diseases such as cancer, surgery, and other complex diseases. With all of those health care professionals offering the service, it is possible to have good health even though the person has been attacked by particular disease.

Simple Steps to Do to Be Healthy

Health careHealth is one of the assets in your life. If you find out that your body is healthy then it means that you are rich. Can you imagine if you suffer from a certain disease? Will it cost much money right? Well, it is important to keep your body healthy. Even though sometimes you are too lazy to follow the rules to be healthy, but you need to know that you must carefully keep your body to do the daily activities. Here will be explained things dealing with steps you must follow if you want to be healthy, and the bonus is that the tips here will be easy to do, so let’s check it out.

First, if you want to be healthy then you need to make a healthy dietary. This can be done to make sure that your body will get a good nutrition from a proper food. Your body will need protein, vitamin, and also a carbohydrate. Those can be found in many kinds of food. Vegetables and food also need to be eaten by you. It is good for your body to make it fresh and healthy. After that, you need to avoid junk food. It is a junk so why do you still eat that? From now on you should begin to reduce the consumption of junk food and also alcoholic drink.

After that, you need to do exercise routinely. This exercise should not be done in a gym. You will cost much money there. You can do your own exercise and it is free. For example, you can run around your residence. It is also better if you go shopping or somewhere by foot. Those kinds of exercise will not cost you much money. After that, you need to have an enough time of sleep. Make sure that you will sleep for at least 7-9 hours per day.

Prevention of Skin Diseases

Health careHealth is the most valuable thing in our life. Health is expensive so we have to prevent our body from any diseases. By having a healthy body, we can enjoy living in this world. We must keep our body organ healthy from top to the toes. Those are inside and the outside of the body. Talking about the outside body, the first thing we remember is skin. As we know, skin is an asset for everyone.

To prevent our skin from any diseases, it is needed suitable treatment. That is to avoid acne, skin irritation, allergic, skin rashes, and much more. Actually, there is no special treatment for keeping our skin. Keep in mind that we have to take a bath at least 2 times a day. That’s to prevent our skins from fungi that make your skin are not healthy. We must use a clean towel and do not share our towel with others. Sharing our towel makes an accumulation of bacteria that causes irritation skin. Then, we should change our clothes every day. Wash the clothes immediately after wearing and use a good detergent. Try to rinse the clothes cleanly.

If you want to go outside, you must wear a jacket, lotion, and sunblock to prevent the skin from the sunshine. The sunshine after at 09.00 a.m. is not good for our skin. It can burn our skin and trigger skin cancer. If you are allergic to a certain food like seafood, meat, chicken, and other, you have to avoid them. Your skin will be reddish or itchy when you are eating them. You are able to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables because they give a good impact on your skin. Fruits like lemon, banana, orange, and papaya are excellent for our skin. The vitamin in the fruits can heal, moist and brighten our skin.

Some Healthy Tips For Your Daily Health Care Treatment

Health careSimple things sometimes will result a big advantage for life. It is also happening to some simple and healthy habits that may lead us to have greater condition. There are Health care provisions available to keep us healthy, but it is better if we can do it in daily activities in simple ways without making any harms. There some tips that may teach us how to keep healthy and fit, some ways for us to prevent any health problems in future.

The Daily Health Care Treatment in Tips

The first thing you can do for it is to have a simple exercise by going to walk. It is good if you can do it for every morning before doing the other routines. There are many facts that show how people in their 80 and 90 are still fit and stronger because they do this walk. It will also provide you strength especially for the bone and skin because the sunlight is still there. The other Health care tip here is by leaving bad habit such as keep consuming the junk food and smoking. We know that many innutritious ingredients have been contained in the junk food. It may lead you to be obese people if you cannot control it. Somehow, it breaks your eating schedule especially to control their nutrition. Smoking is also dangerous as it is known by all people. Keeping your lung to stay healthier is precious while you are saving the people around you from smoke.

Being active with doing more moves is a great idea to do. You can take some sports that also help you muscles getting stronger. On the other hand, being not stress is very important Health care treatment. It is not good for someone to be stressed all the time therefore they can do some entertainment or watching movie with friends and family.

Some Types of Home Health Care Provision for the Good Health Treatment

Health careStay health and fit becomes the most important need for people. Nowadays, there are some types of home Health care Provision that is available for those who need its services. To know more about this, there are some explanations below that may help you to get the best service for health.

Types of Health Care Provision You May Find

The first home Health care provision we can know is the doctor care. It allows the doctor to come to the patient’s home for doing some treatments. The doctors can come periodically to do some regular checking. It helps the patient who actually needs the fast aid for their illness. Second of all, we may find the nursing care which can be called to taking care the patient at home. The treatment that will be executed depends on the needs of the person itself. After doing some consultation with the doctor, your nurse will be ready to have a care plan to make you getting better with your health. The form of the caring can be various. It can be like pain control, wound dressing, doing some therapy, monitoring and controlling the patient’s health condition and other form of health treatment.

Meanwhile, there is also a service called medical social services which will help people with their health. It provides the patients any kind of needs that is suitable with the patient’s condition. It is in the form of counseling for the patients or helping them to get a better service during the healing process. This service also provides the patient some workers who work in this field to take care him or her if they get more severe problem of health. It is very important to know as one of home Health care provision, so there will be a kind of precaution of health problems.

Secondary Health Care Type

Health careUnderstanding the concept of service to the health sector, there would be irrespective of the type and form of secondary health care / SHC. SHC services are services that are more specialized and sometimes even a subspecialty care, but still limited. Secondary and tertiary health care is the hospital, where people require further treatment (referral). These secondary services performed by specialists and subspecialists doctor also limited. This health service comes like the nature roads or ambulatory care services. These secondary services needed by the community or individual that cannot be handled again by primary care.

General Health Care

In secondary health care kinds of services can be divided into two. These services are medical services that are characterized by organizing its own or independent and can also be together in an organization. The main goal of medical care is to cure the disease and restore health to the individual or family. The second is the type of public health services, which is included in the public health characterized by means of organizing. There is also the main purpose of this service is to be able to maintain and improve their health and prevent serious disease that can affect an individual, as well as the target community groups. There is also the principal terms of the health service is provided as well as sustainable, accessible, acceptable and reasonable, easy to reach, and quality.

The hospital has the task to provide personal health services in the plenary. Health care service covering the plenary is anticipative, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative services. To perform these tasks, the Hospital has a function as providers of services in the field of health and health recovery in accordance with the standards of the hospital. Providing education and training of human resources in order to increase capacity is in the provision of health services.

Health Care for Those with Stressful Minds

Health careMany people are being stressed because of their routines. As the result, the stressed life will also affect their health care that wills slowly decreasing. If you think that your life is too stressful, then you will need to consider these things to release all of those stresses and get the better mind to get the better health in the future.

Better Minds for Better Health Care

The first consideration that you need to take into account is that you need to know the main cause of your stress. This one is important so that you will be able to leave behind those things that give you the stressful life. The second is trying to laugh on yourself. Have you ever wonder why the crazy people do not have the hate in their life? That is because they always laugh at themselves. This one might be a little bit crazy but if you can laugh at yourself, then you have accepted yourself as who you are and this one is the best health care that comes from your mind. For your consideration, some people just cannot accept the foolishness that they have made, but if you can accept one, then you have nothing that will give you the stress.

The next thing that you need to consider is a holiday. Yes, this is one thing that many people do. Unfortunately, many of them end up with a disaster because they planned everything. When you want to release all of those stresses, then you need no schedule, even for the holidays. You just need to let everything flow. This way, you will be able to get the enjoyable holiday and once you have released all of those stresses, you will surely have the better health care. Remember, the healthy minds followed by the healthy body. Therefore, make your minds healthy starts from now on.

Fruits Consuming To Stay Away From Any Ill

Health careMany believe that health comes from what you eat; as they say it that you are what you eat. Many can indeed affect our healthiness condition since human consists of mind, body and soul; but the most tangible effect come from what we eat. There are many health tips that talks about a better way to eat or how to make a better food. But, there are fewer tips that talks about how to keep consume healthy food. Since, we know that most, if not at all, healthy food is less tasty compared to those that are random. Many can stay consuming healthy food for long time.

Health Tips To Keep Up With

The easiest from health tips on how to be able to stay consuming healthy food is by consuming the healthy food that is most delicious. Most of the time they come in form of milk and juice. You do not have to worry to consume milk as long as they are low fat and high calcium. And, when it comes to fruit, we of course have no doubt. Of course, we do not have to just consume milk and fruit all the way. We just need to incorporate them into our everyday menu. Milk will keep our body with nutrition as well as fruits. For more, fruits help us to neutralize some less desirable components from our meals. Many fruits can help to detox oil and carbs we consume, especially those that consist of rich vitamin C.

And, having fruits every day to consume is a ticket to a fresher and healthier body. Random the fruits and you can get all the benefit of them. Such health tips are specifically true for those that make it a habit. Having it sliced or blended as juice, whenever you prefer the most since we count the wonderful nutrition.