Take The Business Class From Scoot

scootYou can choose an economy class for your flight with the scoot, or you choose to use business class. There are some reasons why you take the business class over economy class. Of course, if you compare the price to buy a business flight, the cost is more expensive that the cheaper price from the economy class flight. People who do not want to interact with the other people; they may take a business class than economy class. If you think that sit in the economy class is too crowded, you can change your seat and come to the business seats, of course after you pay the charge or additional fee from your condition.

Expensive Condition Of Scoot Business Class

If you think the seat from economy class is too tight, why do not you choose scoot business class flight because, in this kind of class, the seats are a little wider compared to the economy seat? You also get larger space when sitting in the business seat. Then, if you want to lean on the seat with free, you can stretch the seat into your comfort sleep position. The headrest also available to make you feel more enjoy while taking the flight. The important thing is your setting seat will not disturb anyone who also takes the same business class flight in the front, in behind, or in beside your seat.

More than different seat setting in this business class, you will find different baggage allowance between business class flight and economy class flight. In the checking baggage, the baggage allowance is up to 30Kgs, while for cabin baggage you need 15Kgs in a total of the things you can put in the cabin. The special offering in the business class that may not found in the economy class is that you have a hot or light meal with beverages available. The airline offers you the meal when you are booking a scoot flight. Then, when the plane is on board, steward or flight attendant will serve your order.

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