Tanki Online Game

ModsHackCheatsTanki Online is a game with online basic. This game is very famous because of not the only adult who play this game but also children. There are many forums that will discuss tanki online. We have to register to make a tank first. This game tips will help you to play the game. If your level always increases, you should keep play and finish the mission in this game. We can play the tank online only on your smartphone. We have to use PC with puffin web browser application to play Tanki Online.

How to Play Tanki Online

The type of this game is a war game. You can buy some items to support when playing. You are able to play in various modes. The first mode is DM mode or Deathmatch. In this mode, you can destroy tanks belongs to other players without a team. The second mode is TDM or Team Deathmatch. In this mode, you will have a team or friend to destroy your enemy’s team. However, your enemy has the team too. The team is divided into 2. The third mode is CFT or Capture the flag. This mode is similar with TDM. It takes and catches the enemy’s flag. Also, you have to keep your enemy to catch your flag. When you are catching the flag and being killed, you will lose the flag. Your tank has a life but it will disappear when it is attacked by the enemy. However, your life will come back after you have died in the game. Try the new feel with this game tips.

The next mode is CP or Control Point. The team will fight to control particular part on the map. If you catch many points, you will get a lot of scores. The winner is the player who has the most point. To start playing, you must download puffin web browser on your android phone. The, you should type “Tanki online” in the search box. After that, you must register yourself. Otherwise, you can log in if you already have the account. Brave yourself to be a winner.

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