Unique Indonesian Spices & Herbs for Health Care

Health careA lot of people love savory and delicious food. One of the best secret ingredients is spices and herbs! We know that Indonesia is a country that had a lot of spices and herbs, they are known as a country that had limitless spices and herbs and because of that they do selling spices around the world. There is a lot of spices and herbs that we just can found it in Indonesia, that Indonesian spices and herbs had a lot of benefits. They can be a health care too! So let’s find out about Indonesian spices and herbs!

The example of Indonesian spices and herbs is Kencur was As known as Aromatic ginger, Lengkuas as known as Galangal, Daun Salam was as known as Salam Leaves, Cengkih as known as Cloves. Now let’s try to find out about them!

Kencur (Aromatic Ginger) is a Spices that give a unique and spicy flavor to the food. Indonesian use Kencur as a Cough medicine. Kencur is known as one of Indonesian drink called ‘Beras Kencur’. It’s a mixed Aromatic ginger with a rice and a little bit brown sugar, it can make your body warm and healthy.

Lengkuas (Galangal) is one of the Indonesian spices that give a unique taste that maybe you can’t found it anywhere. They are really good for skin especially on an affected skin (ringworm affected area), you just need to put Galangal around the affected area for a day or two days. And the ringworm will be gone!

Daun Salam (Salam Leaves) is a leaf that gives a certain smell to the Indonesian dish, a lot of Indonesian dishes using Salam Leaves in their ingredients. Salam Leaves can reduce the cholesterol if you drink the Salam leaves boiled water.

Cengkih (Cloves) is one of the really smelly spices, it smells so strong and spicy. They usually used in Indonesian desserts such as Kolak, Kolang-kaling and the others. They have a different benefit too, it can prevent inflammation and cure a headache.

There is a lot more Indonesian spices and herbs that can be a health care that you need. So, plant it in your house and see the benefit of Indonesian spices and herbs!

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